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Owner, Manager

Hello! I'm Shawn. I am officially The Anti-Hoarder- AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE! I started this online store after the lack of success from my eBay store reached ultimate lows. It seemed like the only real logical thing to do. So I did. And here we are. I hope you enjoy the products more than I enjoy being alive!



Head of Sales

My name is Martin, but my friends call me "Martini" because my hope for this website's success is as small as a my ego. I am a disappointment in every area of my life and I only hope that no one I know sees this horrendous burden that I helped bring to life. God, please smite me down.



Product Manager

Howdy y'all! I'm Carla, I'm from the deep south of the grand old US of A! I went to school at WellereyWool University in London and got my doctorate in Taxidermy, which has honestly been super helpful with my position of Product Manager at this company!

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Lead Product Designer

Hey! I'm Courtney, just your typical college freshman. I enjoy spending my time locked in an overheated warehouse (which is why I LOVE my job!) and when I'm not doing that I like getting sloshed at the dumpy dive bar down the street from my dorm building that hasn't carded me since I made out with the bouncer. WOO SPRING BREAK 4EVER!!! XOXOXO



Mystery Solver

My name is Marcus, and I was brought on to the team as a consultant to solve "mysteries" around the office and warehouse. All of the "mysteries" that Mr. McNamara presents me with can be solved fairly quickly and with very little brainpower, so I really don't know why I'm still here.


Sorcery, Head of the Magical Protection Force

Ah! Hello there, young being! 'Tis I, Count Carlton Thirstwell the Third, the most revered Count of all of Chuckleslevokia. People come for miles to see me stand in front of a mirror and always leave disappointed that I can see my reflection and am NOT a vampire. Makes them regret purchasing all that garlic and the wooden stake (NOT FOR SALE ON THIS WEBSITE)

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