Meet the Artists

Cardboardi B

Cardboardi B, the "B" stands for "Box," was our first artist to sign and record an album for the label. Born in March of 2019, this talented box raps to a different beat. Often described as a mix between big band and rap and also regarded as Avante-Garde in style, this box delivers lines about shipping and packaging like a postal worker. His hit tracks include "Packing Heat," "The Grand Ole USPS," and the title track of his first album, "The Box in the Mirror."

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Odd Hal

Odd Hal got his start as a small-time parody artist (think "Weird Al") that performed only for friends in his ridiculously extravagant and often misguided attempts at concerts. Now, he is mainly a producer, producing the entirety of Cardboardi B's debut album, as well as tracks for the other Anti-Hoarder artists. His fun fact is that he always wears a "Let's Play Find the Nipple" hat, yet he himself can never find the nipple. Truly a sad, sad man.

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Naloh first got his start on Soundcloud, producing hit songs that slayed the audience like... something that slays... Having put a few songs on Spotify back in the day only to have them brutally removed, he has now joined forces with The Anti-Hoarder to produce some top tier shtuff and it's easy to say you'll find your pants getting tight when you listen to his bars. Naloh enjoys spitting on small children and gambling away his life fortune on the Puppy Bowl every year.

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saint jess

saint jess was born and raised a southern gal, though thankfully she was able to drop the accent. She first got her start performing with a small North Carolina band doing shows at local gigs and had a single released on Itunes. After taking a step back from the limelight, she has decided to return with her revival appearance singing the catchy hook for Cardboardi B's "Packing Heat." She is currently in the process of recording her debut album under The Anti-Hoarder Label tentatively titled "saint jess." She does not enjoy anything.

    Kief Sandwich

    Kief Sandwich got his start performing freestyles that often mentioned male anatomy. After recording his verse on Cardboardi B's debut album, it is unknown if he will return to the mic to bring forth an album of his own or if he will stick to small but meaningful features on the albums of others. One can hope he will record his own album, but with Kief only one thing is certain: he's got more bars than New York City. Kief enjoys 3D printing buttplugs of Putin and taking showers while fully dressed.

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      LL Peña

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      LL Peña has freshly joined The Anti-Hoarder team in his quest to be the best Boston rapper to hit the streets. His sound brings it back to the older days of hip-hop and his lyrical wit is second only to whichever rapper's is first. He enjoys Battle Rapping and well as grape juice with too much sugar in it. Feel free to check out his soundcloud to get an idea of his sound.

      Lil Used Napkin

      What can be said about Lil Used Napkin that hasn't already been said? I sure as heck can't think of anything. Used, but always fresh, Lil Used Napkin has joined The Anti-Hoarder Record Label as a fresh new face with an upcoming collaboration with Cardboardi B in the works. Known around the office for putting used napkins in trails leading to various "treasures" (his word, not mine), LUN is ready to take the world by storm and show the world he isn't just your average piece of trash.


      Whx is FREESXUL? No really, whx the duck is this guy? I dxn't remember signing him... What a mysterixus dude.

      Pee Daddy

      A Master of the Craft, the legendary Pee Daddy is here to grace us with his phenomenal presence, and wet our appetites for more of his hip-hop-happenin' ways. We would have his photo next to this, but he wears a mask in the shape of certain body part that would cause people to stop advertising with us. So here's a guy who "could" be Pee Daddy. But most likely it's just a stock photo.

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