Cardboardi B Mascot

Cardboardi B Mascot

SKU: 02134-100065

It's the official Cardboardi B replica! He's here and he's got the key to the corrugateway to your heart! Dressed in his freshest tuxedo, CB is ready to hit the town! With a velcro slatch in the back, the tuxedo is more than easily removable. All you gotta do is say please.


LIMITED SUPPLY, so order fast!

  • Return Policy

    You mean you actually want to return CB? Okay, I've never heard of that before, but if you REALLY want to, you may. We do accept returns. Returns can be made within 30 days of delivery and must contain all of the contents sent along with CB (his flashy tux or other outfit). For ease, feel free to use CB as the box, just cut him open (OW!), place the outfit inside, seal 'em up, and ship him on back to us! Please let us know you plan to return him by emailing us at and we'll refund your money upon recieving him. Free Return Shipping.

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    Ship USPS First Class


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