Odd Hal's "Find the Nipple" Hat

Odd Hal's "Find the Nipple" Hat

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"Let's Play 'Find the Nipple.' Hint hint it's on the back as the dot in the "i." Comes in adult size (58 cm) only. Black is the only color option. 100% cotton. See how many of your friends can "Find the Nipple!" This is the same hat that producer/artist Odd Hal wears on the regular, as you can see in many of his pics.


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    The content of the hat, herein the words "Let's Play Find the Nipple" are not intended to promote sexual harassment. Always ask someone before trying to locate their nipple(s) if it is okay for you to do so. Anti-Hoarding Shipping LLC, The Anti-Hoarder and all of its affiliates are not to be held responsible for any lawsuits that result from an evasion of this disclaimer. Consent is sexy yo.


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