The Infamous Moon Poster

The Infamous Moon Poster

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"I love you to the moon and back." What words can one say to their loved one that better sum up the amount of affection that comes and flushes their cheeks when one sees their lover. The heart is a tender organ, and when someone else's heart beats for you you have to keep the beat. I believe it was put best when said in Cool Runnings, "Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on team, it's bobsled time!" Show that special someone just how much you love them with the poster that says it for you.

And it looks good anywhere! Check out these prime examples: you can put it up in a dorm room! You can put it up in your cozy little jail cell! You can even put it up in your very prestiigious office with a lot of history in it that your incapabilities are tearing apart! Truly spectacular!

WARNING: There is a rear end visible in the actual product. DO NOT BE MISLED BY THE BLACK CENSOR BAR.

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    18" x 24"



    Paper (O___O)

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